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DHK 120

  1. ART NR 80941FIS
  2. EAN 4006209809419
  3. UBB 500616690946
  4. UNSPSC 31162400
  5. Manufacturer article nr  80941

Price per 

Package: 1

Advantages - The optimised geometry of the expansion section ensures a low anchorage depth and reduces the amount of drilling required. - Flexible pins in the plate area adapt to the insulating material, and ensure a sustained contact pressure. - The simple hammerset installation allows for a quick installation process and thus reduces workload. - The colouring of the DHK 90 means that it does not stand out on black clad insulating material in rear-ventilated façades. - The DHK 45 is suitable for use in pressure-resistant insulating boards and reveals.

Functioning - The DHK is set in push-through installation using a hammer. - The plate size of the insulation support is to be selected in line with the compressive strength of the insulating material: DHK 45 for pressure-resistant DHK 90 for soft insulating materials. - The expansion of the ribs in the drill hole gives the DHK an ideal contact pressure. - Temperature range when installed: -40°C to +80°C.

Drill depth 20
Drill ø 8
Plug length 145