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Clamp-adjusting ring with two hexagon socket head cap screws Free-cutting steel 20

  1. ART NR 37845.200.001
  2. EAN 8715494229432
  3. UBB 500501979743
  4. UNSPSC 31161807

Price per 

Package: 5
Full Box only
b 12
d1 20
d2 45
Diameter (mm) 20
Info Special features of clamp-adjusting rings:
  • Easy assembly and disassembly, precise positioning, very strong connection without clearance.
  • Equal distribution of the clamping force over the circumference of the shaft, compensate for tolerance variations.
  • They cause no damage to the shaft during assembly as shaft metal is not deformed.
  • The clamp-adjusting rings are supplied with one hexagon socket head cap screw to ISO 4762 (DIN 912), class 12.9.
Material Free-cutting steel
Outer diameter 45
Thickness 12 mm
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b (j14) 12
d2 (h13) 45
Screw size M5x20