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  1. ART NR W3221.020.125
  2. EAN 4047526044510
  3. UBB 500503180837
  4. UNSPSC 31162702
  5. Manufacturer article nr  L-POTH 125R

Price per 

Package: 1

● Castor: Pressed steel swivel castor, medium heavy duty brackets, with top plate fitting ● Brackets: Made of pressed steel, with double ball bearing in the swivel head, ball protection by the special top plate and ball disc design. The special Blickle dynamic riveting process of the swivel head results in minimal swivel head play and smooth rolling characteristics with an increased service life achieved by the work hardening of the ball race grooves. Bolted wheel axle. Zinc-plated, blue-passivated, Cr6-free. ● Wheels: Wheel with thermoplastic polyurethane tread, with heavy nylon wheel centre ● Tread/Tyres: Made of high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane, high operational comfort, low-noise operation, low rolling and swivelling resistance, good floor preservation, very high abrasion resistance, chemically bonded for an inseparable connection to the wheel centre. ● Wheel centre/Rim: Made of high-quality, impact-resistant nylon.

● Wheel Ø: 125 mm ● Wheel width: 40 mm ● Total height: 150 mm

Type Zwenkwiel
Bearing type Roller bearing
Load capacity (kg) 200
Plate size 100 x 85
Wheel diameter (mm) 125
With brake No
  • Casing: pressed steel, swivel castor casing with double ball bearing in the strengthened flange, dynamically pressed using a special Blickle procedure giving little play on the flange and an extremely long lifespan, with stable central bolt (wheel-ø 150+200mm), with flange seal, bolted wheel axle, zinc plated and chromated.
  • Wheels: POTH tread: polyurethane, injection-moulded, colour brown, non-marking, 98° Shore A, wear-resistant, no surface discolouration, spares the floor, low noise, minimal rolling friction, keeps its shape and chemical bonding to the rim.
  • Rims: high quality nylon, colour off-white, shock and impact resistant, corrosion-resistant, with roller bearing.
  • Additional remark for size description:
  • R = roller bearing.