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  1. ART NR K0413.000.080
  2. EAN 4008158012872
  3. UBB 500570265230
  4. UNSPSC 31162903
  5. Manufacturer article nr  TGN80T50

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Package: 1

The unmistakable classic Often copied, never equalled: the original malleable cast iron screw clamps from BESSEY – the classic screw clamps dating back to 1936. Unmistakable, thanks to their unique high-quality profiled rail and their characteristic malleable cast iron arms, serrated for reinforcement. The integrated BESSEY anti-slip system additionally ensures maximum safety. This is why the original BESSEY malleable cast iron screw clamps have proved so successful for so many years. And so ideal for all applications where powerful, rigid clamping is required. Try them out for yourself!

Clamping force up to 7,000 N Heavy-duty design Ergonomically shaped wood handle Large, stable solid flat rail with serration Rail dimensions great than and equal to 40 x 11 are ungalvanized

Span depth 500
Span width 800
Type nr. TGN80T50
  • Deep span wood clamps.
  • Heavy duty model with span depths from 200mm.
  • Guides are not galvanised.