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  1. ART NR K0458.001.770
  2. EAN 4008158009667
  3. UBB 240102130806
  4. UNSPSC 27112121
  5. Manufacturer article nr  GRZRO

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Package: 1

Many variants to cover a very wide range of applications Whether for all-round or step-over clamping, or for fixing workpieces which are lying next to one another: the original Bessey grip pliers are always ideal. This is because the infinitely adjustable plier jaws lie parallel to each other in every position, or at the desired angle to one another. And the best thing is: the selected clamping pressure remains constant however wide open the mouth of the pliers is. That's true whatever variant you choose. Try it out!

Ideal for holding round objects of constant diameter Includes pressure caps Gentle clamping of sensitive surfaces Suitable for tack welding, heat-resistant up to 200° C

Reach (mm) 110
Type nr. GRZRO