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  1. ART NR L6495.000.003
  2. EAN 7314151719135
  3. UBB 203116053398
  4. UNSPSC 27111712
  5. Manufacturer article nr  4528M3

Price per 

Package: 1

Extractor, 3 arms, heavy duty

Extractor: 3 arms - heavy duty Finished: Galvanised Material: Special steel Especially suited for pulling ball bearings, pulleys, gears, etc. Spare body 4528M1/B for 4528M1 4528M2/B for 4528M2 4528M345/B for 4528M3, 4528M-4 and 4528M-5 4537K-4528MK: Spare arm Spare spindle 4532-OAB/S for 4528M1 (M14x1.5x135, SW 17, 190 g) 4519-1/S for 4528M2 (M18x1.5x240, SW 19, 485 g) 4519-2/S for 4528M3, 4528M4 and 4528M5 (G1/2"x14x270, SW 22, 730 g)

Number of arms 3
Span depth 50mm
Span width 300 mm
Type nr. 4528M3