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York Flap disc 115X22MM P120

  1. ART NR 3V153235
  2. EAN 5036140020658
  3. UBB 500653422013
  4. UNSPSC 31191506
  5. Manufacturer article nr  YRK2209550K

Price per 

Package: 1

Constant Finish Cool and Fast Cutting with less Loading Decreased Risk of Burning High Stock Removal Long life Low Noise (Quieter than a grinding disc) Low Vibration No Backing Pad Required Reduces Disc Change down time.

Application (metal) Carbon steel, cast iron, Non-ferro, sheet steel
Arbor size 22
Backing material Glass fibre
Diameter (mm) 115
Grits P 120
Type of grit Aluminiumoxide
Shape Conical 29
Max RPM 13300