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  1. ART NR 6J813939
  2. EAN 4013288180858
  3. UBB 500643322604
  4. UNSPSC 27111710
  5. Manufacturer article nr  05024335001

Price per 

Package: 10
Full Box only

L-keys with thermoplastic sleeve (SPKL) out of easy-to-grip circular material. The sleeve ensures that work is pleasant and easy on the fingers even at low temperatures. All L-keys are quickly to hand thanks to their size markings. The wear-resistant clip material ensures secure storage of the L-keys as well as simple removal. For TORX and TORX BO (with bore hole) screw connections.

The plastic sleeve ensures that work is pleasant and safe even at low temperatures BlackLaser for high corrosion protection and long service life The TORX® ballpoint on the long arm allows offset applications Wear-resistant inscription of the sizes of the L-keys contained on the clip Size markings

Length (L) (mm) 139
Width (mm) 72
Content (pcs) 9
Height (mm) 25
Size 1 x TX 9x79; 1 x TX 8x76; 1 x TX 10x85; 1 x TX 15x90; 1 x TX 20x96; 1 x TX 25x104; 1 x TX 30x122; 1 x TX 40x132; 1 x TX 27x112
Type nr. 967/9 TX BO Multicolour 1
Weight (g) 203
Content of set 1x 967/9 TX BO Multicolour 1 L-key set for tamper-proof TORX® screws, BlackLaser, 9 pieces; 9x 967 SPKL TORX® BO L-key Multicolour: TX 9x79, TX 8x76, TX 10x85, TX 15x90, TX 20x96, TX 25x104, TX 30x122, TX 40x132, TX 27x112