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Tyrolit Wheel brush 300X19X30X50,8

  1. ART NR 0P742802
  2. EAN 9003178988393
  3. UBB 500572020583
  4. UNSPSC 27111907
  5. Manufacturer article nr  898839

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Package: 1

The versatile round brushes for floorstanding grinders are used in a variety of industries. Wire brushes with silicon carbide are very hard and thus enable very high stock removal rates. Their use includes deburring work on various workpieces made of practically any material, such as steel, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass, etc. In addition, silicon carbide is used for wood structuring.Round brushes with aluminium oxide are somewhat softer and therefore less abrasive. They are primarily used in wood structuring, but also for light deburring if very small rounded edges are desired. TYROLIT wire brushes are manufactured to the highest standards to make work for the operator easier and safer.

Powerful tool Versatile tool Highest quality

Application (metal) Aluminum / Stainless steel / Steel
Arbor size (mm) 50.8
Diameter (mm) 300
Width (mm) 290