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Tyrolit Polishing disc 125X22,23

  1. ART NR 0R838206
  2. EAN 9003177423857
  3. UBB 500572181872
  4. UNSPSC 27110000
  5. Manufacturer article nr  742385

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Package: 5
Full Box only

To prepare surfaces for polishing, you require a sturdy, high-quality tool. The PREMIUM*** PRE-POLISH comprises several layers of abrasive fabric to achieve a long lifetime and sturdiness. This allows the tool to be used for smaller deburring jobs as well.The tool has been specially developed to achieve the best results even on non-adjustable angle grinders.

The best results Versatile Longest lifetime

Application (metal) Stainless steel/Steel
Arbor size (mm) 22.2
Diameter (mm) 125
Grits 320
Version (abrasive) C