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Threaded rod length 1 meter oversized thread DIN 976-1A Steel Hot dip galvanized 8.8 M10

  1. ART NR 20150.100.001
  2. EAN 8715492604705
  3. UBB 951353444718
  4. UNSPSC 31161618

Price per 

Package: 5
Full Box only
Length (L) (mm) 1000
Diameter (d-D) M10
Class 8.8
Extra info 1 meter oversized
Material Steel
Thread direction Right
Surface treatment Hot dip galvanized
Thread Metric thread
  • Oversized hot dip galvanized threaded rods are manufactured with standard thread tolerance class 6g before coating.
  • After galvanizing they will therefore NOT fit into standard nuts or threaded holes with thread tolerance class 6H. Suitable nuts have been tapped with thread tolerance class 6AZ (oversized).
NF E≈25-136
DIN 976-1A