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Thread repair kit for spark plug thread Stainless steel A2 M18X1,5X24

  1. ART NR 71764.180.150
  2. EAN 4022835040972
  3. UBB 500617005433
  4. UNSPSC 31162802
  5. Manufacturer article nr  04097

Price per 

Package: 1
d (nom.) M18
Length (L) (mm) 24
P 1.50
Diameter (d-D) M18
Material Stainless steel
Material technical A2
Info This repair kit is specifically recommended for spark plug threads. Contents:
  • Inserting tool.
  • Machine tap.
  • Stainless steel A2 wire thread inserts to DIN 8140-1 form A (M6 - M12, 10 pcs. (L=1,5d) / M14, 3x5 pcs. (L=8,4mm/12,4mm/16,4mm) / M18, 5 pcs. (L=1,5d)).
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