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Swiss Tech Slot drill 3 flute DIN 327 Regular Cobalt HSS TiALN 14,0MM

  1. ART NR 0Z022009
  2. EAN 5036140206076
  3. UBB 500650052615
  4. UNSPSC 27110000
  5. Manufacturer article nr  SWT1633374A

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Package: 1

HSS-Co 8% Threaded Shank Slot Drills 2 Flute: Series 33, Regular - TiALN Coated. Series 33 - Regular Series, TiALN Coated Dimensions to DIN 844. Centre cutting. Threaded shank to DIN 1835B. Cutting diameter to e8. Shank diameter to h6. Available in HSS-Co 8% Uncoated (for general production machining), HSS-Co 8% TiCN Coated (extends cutter life and improves work material surface finish) and HSS-Co 8% TiALN Coated (dissipates and resists heat, reduces surface friction coupled with high surface hardness).

Flute length 26
Number of flutes 3
Shank diameter tolerance h6
Coolant delivery External
Basic material Cobalt HSS
Material grade M42
Cutter diameter 14
Plunge type Centre cutting
Reach type Standard Neck
Length type Regular
Milling application Slotting, Profiling, Semi-finishing, Finishing
Material application Carbon Steel,Alloy Steel,Copper,Aluminium
Helix direction Right
Cutter diameter tolerance e8
Number of cutting ends 1
End mill type Slot Drill
Coating TiALN
Cutting direction Right
Flute type Helical
Helix angle 30
Total length (mm) 83
Shank size ( mm) 12
Shank type Threaded
DIN 844, 1835B