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Stahlwille Torque wrenches 730DR DR/65 DIG

  1. ART NR G0603.800.065
  2. EAN 4018754187638
  3. UBB 500511614827
  4. UNSPSC 27111715
  5. Manufacturer article nr  96501865

Price per 

Package: 1

tactile and acoustic trigger signal. mount for interchangeable insert tools. QuickRelease safety lock. fast setting using convenient keypad. automatic compensation to achieve correct tightening torque even if a changed extension is entered. overload protection by means of acoustic and visual signals. automatic keypad lock prevents inadvertent changes. angle-controlled measurements without a reference arm using Angle Module No 7395-1. display also works for anticlockwise torque. units of measurement: N m, ft.lb, in.lb. different tolerance limits can be set for each joint. visual red and green signals in the display confirm the status of the joint. additional security for presets (function mode, trigger or preset value, unit of measurement, tolerance, save, deviating extension) using PIN code. up to 7,500 measurements can be stored. USB interface. automatic notification of the next calibration date. calibration using perfectControl calibrating unit No 7794 or calibration system No 7706. two-component handle with ergonomically designed green softer layers (resistant to oils, grease, fuels, brake fluids and Skydrol). with certificate. in sturdy plastic case (sizes 40 and 65 in steel case). patent. supplied with two 1.5 V AA batteries. AA/LR6, 1.2 V rechargeable cells may also be used. display deviation value ± 2%.

Connection type Ratchet
Driving 3/4
Reach (Nm) 65-650 NM
Torque type electro-mechanical
Type QuickRelease
Type nr. 730DR
Version (torque) click/measuring
  • Torque Wrenches offering quick adjustment, with cut-out, with QuickRelease safety lock (size 5-65) dual signal (size 2-40), dual scale Nm/ft.lb. resp. Nm/inch.lb. (size 5-80), long term accuracy and facility to accept insert/shell tools.
  • The robust steel tube completely encloses all working parts.
  • Even when misused (slackening sized bolts, for example), the measuring element remains stress free.
  • Reversible insert/shell tools allow anticlockwise opertion.
  • Recalibration--without dismantling--with the aid of checking gauges No. 798, No. 799 or No. 7707 W.
  • Guaranteed accuracy ± 4%.
  • With certificate.