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Stahlwille Torque wrenches 713R R/6

  1. ART NR G0615.400.006
  2. EAN 4018754156504
  3. UBB 500500108963
  4. UNSPSC 27111715
  5. Manufacturer article nr  96501606

Price per 

Package: 1

Electronic torque wrench with option of attaching interchangeable insert tools

Connection type Ratchet
Driving 3/8
Reach (Nm) 3-60 NM
Torque type electronic
Type nr. 713R
Version (torque) measuring
  • Simple and flexible operation by means of menus and a large display.
  • Very large measuring range (5% to 100% of the nominal value) with an indication error of ±1% of the measurement concerned.
  • Indication error for the rotational angle ±1%.
  • Repetitive tightening operations can be combined together in a menu-driven procedure.
  • Electronic angle-of-rotation wrench with ratchet insert, with QuickRelease safety lock, for clockwise and anticlockwise use, measurement independent of starting point (sizes 6 and 20), measurement units: Nm, ft. lb, in. lb, settable duration for the visible, vibrating and acoustic warning signals, torque and rotation angle are displayed simultaneously, simple measurement of rotation angle without reference arm within very large rotation angle range, different lengths of tool inserts can be set, maintenance friendly through simple adjustment and automatic reminder of the next calibration period, individual identification indication possible, protection against accidental alteration and unauthorised use by means of password, meets DKD-R 3-7, class 2 and DIN EN ISO 6789, with factory test meeting DIN EN 10204, supplied in strong plastic case (type 40 in metal case).
  • Is supplied with:
  • 3 penlite AA/LR6 RAM, 1.5V, 1800 mAh cells.
  • AA/LR6 1.5V or 1.2V penlite cells may also be used.