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Spring-type straight pin slotted, heavy duty, stainless spring steel DIN ≈1481 Stainless spring steel 3,5X36MM

  1. ART NR 51428.035.036
  2. EAN 8717077785731
  3. UBB 500635839391
  4. UNSPSC 31163201

Price per 

Package: 1,000
Full Box only
d (nom.) 3.5
Diameter (mm) 3.5
Length (L) (mm) 36
  • Dimensions d1 and d2 in above table are before mounting.
  • For pins with a nominal diameter d ≥ 8 mm a single chamfer configuration is optional at the discretion of the manufacturer.
  • The recommended tolerance class for the accommodating hole diameter d (nominal) is H12. Special features of slotted spring-type straight pins:
    • These pins are used to connect two or more construction elements to each other.
    • They are highly suitable to absorb shear forces.
    • If these pins are employed with bolted joints the below arrangement should be used:
Material Stainless spring steel
ISO ≈8752
DIN ≈1481
BS ≈7060
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a 0,6
d1 (max.) 4
d1 (min.) 3.8
d2 2.3
s 0,75
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