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Sonic Tool trolley, full SFS 1/3 S10

  1. ART NR 7S016032
  2. EAN 4714123799890
  3. UBB 500678202879
  4. UNSPSC 25191700
  5. Manufacturer article nr  730209

Price per 

Package: 1

In total 8 drawers, thereof 7 shallow, 1 deep. 7 shallow drawers (dim. 575 x 370 x 65mm). 1 deep drawer (dim. 575 x 370 x 145mm). Side handle. Torsion resistant through profile construction at the 4 corners. Powder coating. Plastic worktop. Drawer blocking system as protection against tipping over. 100% extractable drawers. Ball-bearing drawers. Front centralized safety-lock. Lock including 2 folding keys. 2 extra storay trays on the back. 2 integrated can holder. Integrated paper roll holder. Integrated trash can. 4 rubber casters (Ø 125mm-50mm) 2x swivel casters with brake and 2x fixed. Net weight: 91kg. Maximum load: 400kg. Drawers loadable up to 40kg. Dimensions in mm: W 880 x D 570 x H 1050. Available in black RAL: 9004 – red RAL 3001 – blue RAL 5005 – grey RAL 7040

Filled tool trolley SFS 1/3 S10 302pcs (black) 1x Pliers & tools set SFS 1/3, 7-pcs 1x Pliers set SFS 1/3, 8-pcs 1x Screwdriver set SFS 1/3, 8-pcs 1x Double open wrench set SFS 1/3, 10-pcs 1x Wrench set SFS 1/3, 12-pcs 1x Combination wrench set SFS 1/3, 19-pcs 1x Hammer set SFS 1/3 3-pcs 1x Flank socket set 1/4, 6 pt. SFS 1/3 61-pcs 1x File set SFS 1/3, 6-pcs 1x Bit socket set 1/2, SFS 1/3 38-pcs 1x Bit socket set 3/8, SFS 1/3 41-pcs 1x Accessory set 1/2, SFS 1/3 9-pcs 1x Screwdriver, TX set SFS 1/3, 8-pcs 1x Gripped chisel & punch set SFS 1/3, 12-pcs 1x Hook set SFS 1/3, 8-pcs 1x Deep socket set 3/8, SFS 1/3 23-pcs 1x Deep socket set 1/2, SFS 1/3 20-pcs 1x Empty trolley S10 8 drawers black (RAL9004) 1x Socket screwdriver, Hex set SFS 1/3, 7-pcs

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