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         Optical Bin

 KeepStock® - Optical Bin

Managing your inventory becomes as simple as that.

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The benefits of KeepStock Optical Bin

Minimize time spent

All it takes is removing empty boxes from the Optical Bin rack and a replenishment order is automatically placed.

Manage your TCO

Optimized and flexible delivery interval suited to your production planning with the possibility to benefit from our onsite replenishment service. You will have the right products in the right place at the right time with less effort. 

Avoid stock-outs

Monitor online 24/7 the stock level per location. The Dynamic Stock Control Report provided by Fabory`s KeepStock specialist will help you to optimize stock levels per location. 

What are your savings?

KeepStock Optical bin will save you time and money in the following areas:

  • Inventory management  >> Boost your staff’s productivity with a well organized inventory
  • Order process  >> Simply removing an empty box will create an order to replenish your inventory, saving time and lowering error rates. 
  • Administration  >> Access your order status and history online.

Multiple Integration Levels

Depending on the size of your business and the order processes in your organization, we can determine which inventory and replenishment activities you would like Fabory to do for you and which, if any, you want to continue doing yourself.  Fabory can take the responsibility for only ordering, only the replenishment or both activities. Together, we determine what works best for you and what will save you the most time and labor. 

Fabory support

Fabory will supply and implement KeepStock Optical Bin and train your staff on how to use it. We’ll provide you with a personal link to the Detailed Reporting site which gives you a clear insight into your order history and inventory usage. Traffic light colors indicate your current stock levels. This information helps you to optimize your stock levels and take unnecessary costs out of your business. 

How to get KeepStock Optical Bin

  1. Contact your Fabory contact person for more information on how KeepStock Optical Bin can help you organize and control your stock location. 
  2. Fabory`s KeepStock Solution Engineer will work with you to show you the added value of KeepStock Optical Bin for your business. 
  3. Fabory KeepStock experts will work with you to implement KeepStock Optical bin and train your staff.