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 KeepStock® - Onsite

Full control at low effort. Managing your inventory becomes as simple as that.

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The benefits of KeepStock Onsite 

Re-order supplies easily

In fact, let Fabory take responsibility for identifying replenishment needs for Fabory products, placing orders and putting away the products in your storage area.

Streamline your purchasing process

After Fabory’s Onsite Service Representative has scanned the articles that need replenishment based on pre-agreed stock levels, you’ll receive an order confirmation. Insight in your purchase order history allows you to make quick and well-informed decisions about your inventory stock levels. Relinquish the work load, not the control.

Minimize time spent

Reduce the time your staff spends on inventory management and allow them to focus on their core tasks. Your inventory almost manages itself.

What are your savings?

KeepStock Onsite will save you time and money in the following areas:

  • Inventory management >> A dedicated Onsite Service Representative from Fabory checks your stock levels and puts away the delivered goods.
  • Order process >> Periodic visits by our Onsite service representatives ensure timely ordering.
  • Administration >> Paperwork is reduced.

Multiple integration levels

Depending on the size of your business and the order processes in your organization, we can determine which inventory and replenishment activities you would like Fabory to do for you and which, if any, you want to continue doing yourself.  Fabory can take the responsibility for only ordering, only the replenishment or both activities. Together, we determine what works best for you and what will save you the most time and labor.  

Fabory support

Fabory will assist you with the implementation. We’ll supply barcode labels and optimize your storage area for the Fabory products. Our Dynamic Control Stock reports will give you a clear insight in your inventory usage and helps you to optimize your stock levels and take costs out of your business.

How to get KeepStock Onsite

  1. Contact your Fabory contact person for more information on how KeepStock Onsite can save you time and money. 
  2. Fabory’s KeepStock specialists will assess your inventory needs with you and help choose the best solution for your specific situation.
  3. Fabory will provide ongoing support to help ensure long-term success as your business and product needs change.