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 KeepStock® - Label

Label, write, order. Managing your inventory becomes as simple as that.

Optimize your inventory process with KeepStock Label

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The benefits of KeepStock Label

Re-order supplies easily

Get barcode labels for the products you stock. Attach them to the bins in your storage area and from then on identifying, organizing and checking your inventory is quick and easy. Create inventory lists to keep track of information about your frequently used Fabory inventory items. Create orders by simply reading the information on the barcode labels. 

Minimize time spent

When your inventory is labeled with the correct article numbers this saves you having to look up article numbers in a catalogue when ordering replenishment.

What are your savings?

KeepStock Label will save you time and money in the following areas:

  • Inventory management >> Quick insight in your stock levels because of a well-organized storage area.
  • Order process >> Use your inventory list with the Fabory article numbers to create an order and reduce the number of incorrectly ordered items.

Fabory support

Fabory will assist you with implementation of KeepStock Label. We’ll supply the initial barcode labels and show you how to use them. 

How to get KeepStock Label

  1. Contact your Fabory contact person for more information on how KeepStock Label can help you organize your stock location and increase efficiency. 
  2. Fabory’s KeepStock specialists will supply the barcode labels to get you started.
  3. Fabory will provide ongoing support to help ensure long-term success as your business and product needs change.