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Red Rooster Stift grinders RRI-3506

  1. ART NR RRI-3506RE
  2. EAN 8717981033645
  3. UBB 500619070492
  4. UNSPSC 31191603
  5. Manufacturer article nr  RRI-3506

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Package: 1

Red Rooster die grinders are extremely suitable for de-burring applications as well as weld seam finishing and general die grinding applications. Characteristics: * The RRG range of die grinders are developed for enhanced productivity. * The rubber cover allows the hand to grip the tool firmly due to the unique ergonomic design. * The grinders have an adjustable rear exhaust. * Air inlet with a swivel allowing the tool to be very flexible, especially in difficult access areas. * When depressed fully the safety lever lays flat against the tool adding extra comfort for the operator.

No-load speed (1st gear/2nd gear) 18000
Air connection (inch) 1/4
Disc ø (mm) 40
Actual airconsumption 4.9 l/sec
Max. air pressure (Bar) 6.3