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Metalform©, Combiflon©, Gleitmo© and Lubo© are some of the most common brand names for pre-applied dry lubricating coatings that can control friction. These coatings are typically applied to moving parts and on materials like stainless steel or aluminum threaded fasteners that are susceptible to friction-based problems during assembly, like fretting, seizing or galling. The substantial surface roughness of these materials may cause the internal and external threads to stick together, which destroys the threaded connection (also known as cold welding). When applied on the threads, the anti-seize coatings reduce these effects considerably, thereby improving the quality of the assembly. 

Although these coatings also have corrosion protection capabilities, they are mainly chosen for their friction reduction properties. 

Anti-seize coatings are usually pre-applied to nuts so they can be kept in stock for quick access.