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Technological assistance is of the utmost importance in order to create a high level of technical cooperation with the customers of the Fabory Group. Our team of technical experts offers assistance and advice to Fabory’s affiliates and their customers about the design of various fastenings in order to solve all of their fastening problems.
Training modules are currently being developed for the employees and customers of Fabory’s affiliates.  
Fabory’s close cooperation with standardization institutes and engineering associations guarantees up-to-date technical knowledge and information. 


  • Technical advice on materials, fastener types and coatings
  • Optimization of each customer’s fastener assortment
  • Calculation of optimal fastener assembly conditions (VDI 2230)
  • Testing of fasteners for each customer’s applications:

       - Locking systems
       - Self-drilling and thread-forming fasteners
       - Anchors
       - Riveting
       - Chemical bonding

  • Sophisticated analysis of assembly characteristics:
       - Friction coefficients
       - Torque
       - Tension
       - Angle
       - Clamping load
  • Failure analyses for corrosion or fastener fracture
  • CAD drawings of customer-specific parts
  • Technical training for employees and customers
  • Declarations of compliancy to product legislations