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Fabory offers a choice between AMECOIL and V-COIL wire thread inserts, which are compatible with many other renowned brands, such as HELICOIL.


AMECOIL and V-COIL wire thread inserts are not only economical for recovering worn or damaged screw threads, but they are also capable of achieving high-loadable internal threads in metal and non-metal materials. These wire thread inserts can be used at temperatures from -40°C to +400°C.


The wire thread inserts are produced from a stainless steel A2 wire with a diamond cross-section that is wound in a coil like a spring.


The internal screw thread of the nut part of the wire thread insert conforms to the normal tolerance field 6H. For details concerning the external screw thread, see DIN 8140-2.


For assembly of AMECOIL and V-COIL wire thread inserts, the assembly sequence should be references:

  • Drill the hole (do not countersink).
  • Tap the thread with the special tap; the thread sizes of the special AMECOIL and V-COIL taps are larger than those of a standard tap.
  • Screw in the wire thread insert with the corresponding fitting tool by 1/4 to 1/2 pitch under the surface of the part.
  • Break off the engaging stem of the wire thread insert up to ø 18 mm after fitting with the tang break; for sizes larger than M18 through 5/8, UNC/UNF long pointed pliers can be used.
  • Ready to begin assembly.
  • Disassembly of a wire thread insert is possible with a special extractor.