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  1. ART NR 8J158492
  2. EAN 4003773075820
  3. UBB 500513357979
  4. UNSPSC 23151901
  5. Manufacturer article nr  77 32 120 H ESD

Price per 

Package: 1

For extreme demands on cutting pliers caused by hard or tough materials, e.g. piano, nickel, tungsten and diode wire, such as those used more frequently in the electronics and aerospace industries. Always the right cutting tool, even with the hardest material. Precision carbide metal cutting edges soldered into forged blanks. Sturdy, zero-backlash box joint. Hardness of the carbide cutting edges 80 – 83 HRC. Pliers with carbide metal cutting edges have a substantially longer service life than such with conventional cutting edges. Constantly reliable cutting results due to the avoidance of cutter deformations. High cost saving due to longer service life of the pliers. Electrically discharging handles - dissipative. With small bevel. Pointed head with chamfer.

Total length (mm) 120 , 120 , 120 , 120 , 120 , 120 , 120 , 120 , 120 , 120 , 120 , 120