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KIPP Precision indexing plungers with tapered pin, lockable Steel, grip ball thermoplastic black/grey 20MM

  1. ART NR 58643.000.020
  2. EAN 4059245021437
  3. UBB 500689907177
  4. UNSPSC 31162807
  5. Manufacturer article nr  K0359.120

Price per 

Package: 1
D 20
Material Steel
Info Material: Steel. Grip ball thermoplastic. Version: Hardened and ground. Grip ball black grey. Note: The indexing plungers with bushes are a perfect combination for rapid positioning and fixing. The precise design of both the indexing plunger and the bush guarantees high repeating accuracy when assembling two elements. Technical information see assembly and installation instructions.
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D 20
D1 40
D2 33
D3 30
F1 = springiness beginning in N 46
F2 = springiness end in N 63
L1 41.5
L2 49
L3 13
L4 6
L5 3
L 50