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Hexagon socket head cap screw UNF 1960 series ASME B18.3 Alloy steel ASTM A574 Plain #10-32X1.3/8

  1. ART NR U07040.019.0137
  2. EAN 8717077363373
  3. UBB 500620966852
  4. UNSPSC 31161605

Price per 

Package: 100
Full Box only
Diameter (inch) #10
Driving features Hexagon socket
Head shape Cylindrical head
Length (L) (Inch - ft) 1.3/8
Material Alloy steel
Material technical ASTM A574
Thread direction Right
TPI 32
Surface treatment Plain
Thread Unified National Fine
  • Marking in accordance with ASTM A574 with manufacturer's identification mark only.
  • Attention: As the thread tolerance class for thread sizes up to and including 1 inch is 3A, plating can cause thread fit problems.
  • Warning: electroplating of these products may cause hydrogen embrittlement.
  • ft = fully threaded
ASME B18.3
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A 0,312
H 0.19
J 5/32
LT (min.) 0.88
Threads per inch 32