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Hexagon nut with serrated flange DIN ≈6923 Stainless steel A2 M8

  1. ART NR 51119.080.001
  2. EAN 8715494103749
  3. UBB 500571679470
  4. UNSPSC 31161727

Price per 

Package: 100
Full Box only
Diameter (d-D) M8 , M8 , M8 , M8 , M8 , M8 , M8 , M8 , M8 , M8 , M8 , M8
Info Specific features of hexagon nuts with serrated flange:
  • The flange enables built up forces under the nut to be spread over a larger area, consequently resulting in lower surface pressure.
  • Large (oversized) holes and/or tooling holes can be covered by the flange.
  • Washers are not necessary.
  • The serrated flange provides an excellent self-locking effect.
Driving features Hexagon
Material Stainless steel
Material technical A2
Thread direction Right
Thread Metric thread
DIN ≈6923
NF ≈E25-406
ISO ≈4161
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dc (max.) 17.9
m (max.) 8
P 1.25
s 13