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            Universal wood screws
            Wood construction screws
            Basics of wood screws mechanics

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         Fischer Duopower
         MaxxFast CE screws
         Tube clamp fittings
         Threaded rods
         Wire thread inserts
         Fischer Duotec
         Pop Avdel


As the name implies, wood screws are designed for wood applications. This page provides information about the different types of common wood screws and the basics of wood screw mechanics.
Fabory’s wood screws are divided into four main categories:
  • Traditional wood screws
  • Chipboard screws
  • Universal wood screws
  • Wood construction screws
Since the publication of the Construction Products Directive (89/106/EEC) and the later Construction Products Regulation (EU/305/2011), the CEN has published and revised harmonized European standards for many construction products. One of such standards is EN 14592, entitled, "Timber structures – Dowel-type fasteners – Requirements." When wood screws are used in load-bearing wood constructions, they must comply with this standard. Such screws must bear the CE marking, and a Declaration of Performance (DoP) must be made available. The Fabory MaxxFast universal wood screws and the MaxxFast wood construction screws meet the established requirements, so they are supplied with the CE marking and the required DoP. 
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