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Facom Ratchet spanners 7X9


Spline profile 15° angled ring ratchets for aeronautical fasteners. The spline profile applies more torque with less strength as the tightening contact surface is higher. The contact points of a Spline wrench are always far from the nut's angles. This limits wear of the nuts. The Spline profile ensures high versatility. It is compatible with Spline, Torx, 4-, 6- and 12-point fasteners. Recess under the handle allows to pass fingers or an obstacle. Reversible compact lever ratchet mechanism. 5° increments (6° for sizes 7, 8 and 9). Spline sizes: 7 to 36 Satin chrome finish.

Article numbers

Article number 0E721440
EAN 3662424019869
UBB 500638544881
UNSPSC 27111726
Manufacturer article nr  65.7X9SPL