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Fabory Slot drill short N DIN 327 D HSS-ECo8 Blanc 14,0 MM

  1. ART NR F0463.140.001
  2. UBB 240203113461
  3. UNSPSC 27110000

Price per 

Package: 1

Slot end mills short series, two flutes, centre cutting, DIN327D, 14.00MM

Recommended for milling in materials with medium and high tensile strength up to 1.200 N/mm². Vertical cutting to full depth and horizontal cutting with exact tolerances.

Basic material HSS-ECo8
d1 14
d2 12
Diameter (mm) 14
Coating Blanc
Useful length 16
L1 73
L2 16
Total length (mm) 73
Shank size ( mm) 12
Type N
z 2
  • Short model, two cutting edges.
  • Cylindrical shank with clamping flat (Weldon).
  • Flute with 30° right spiral.
DIN 327D