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Fabory Hand tap set DIN ≈352 HSS-G NR. 5

  1. ART NR U0608.031.001
  2. UBB 240202465185
  3. UNSPSC 23241615

Price per 

Package: 1

Hand Tap Set,set of 3 pcs., consisting of rougher, intermediate and finisher.For general use in non abrasive material up to 900N/mm², unalloyed and low alloyed steel.For thread cutting by hand.

for general use non abrasive material up to 900 N/mm² unalloyed and low alloyed steel for through and blind holes for thread cutting by hand

a □ 2.7
Basic material HSS-G
d1 NO. 5
d2 3.50
Diameter (inch) NO.5
Drive size 2.7
Useful length 12
L1 40
L2 12
Total length (mm) 40
Size (inch) UNC No. 5 x 40
Threads per inch 40
Tolerance 2B
  • Set of 3 taps.
  • UNC screw thread according to ANSI B1.1.
  • No.1-64 through 1/4 with reinforced shank and 5/16 up to 2.IN. with reduced shank.
  • Bright ground and straight flutes, for through holes and blind holes in alloy steel with tensile strength up to 750 N/mm².
DIN ≈352