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Fabory Hand reamer 221420 DIN 206 B HSS Without treatment 42,0 MM

  1. ART NR F0301.420.001
  2. UBB 240207086812
  3. UNSPSC 27112837

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Package: 1

Hand reamers with left hand helix 7° shank, form B, HSS, DIN 206, ISO 236, 42 mm H7

Ø D 42 mm L 305 mm l 152 mm Weight 2,980 kg a 31,50 mm Even Teeth 12 Points Workmanship with left hand helix 7° and uniform pitch. Diameter of the shank is equal with øD in tolerance f8. Usage Reaming clear holes by repairing and piece work for all nonferrous metal and ferrous metal, their alloys and plastics. Manufacturing Mode F - milled Surface Treatment without treatment Tolerance H7

a 31.50
Basic material HSS
d1 42
Diameter (mm) 42
Coating Without treatment
Useful length 152
L1 305
L2 152
Total length (mm) 305
Tolerance H7
Type 221420