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DT 90/8

  1. ART NR 80958FIS
  2. EAN 4006209809587
  3. UBB 500616691449
  4. UNSPSC 31162400
  5. Manufacturer article nr  80958

Price per 

Package: 1

Advantages - The various disc diameters allow for individual adaptation to various insulation materials and requirements and offer the greatest flexibility with wide-ranging applications. - The flexible pins in the DT 90 ensure sustained pressure on the insulation, thus providing a secure hold. - The DTM 60 made of stainless steel A4 makes it possible to use a frame fixing, and allows for a secure fixing of the insulation material in façade construction in cases of high requirements.

Functioning - The disc size is to be selected in line with the compressive strength of the insulating material. - To be combined with anchors, screws or nails corresponding to the available base material. - DT90/4 is suitable for pushing on to fischer wall tie VB.

Thickness disk (mm) 9.3
Disc ø (mm) 90
Drill ø 8.20