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Cross recessed raised cheese head thread cutting screw Phillips DIN 7516 AE-H Steel Zinc plated M3X6

  1. ART NR 27100.030.006
  2. EAN 8715492950789
  3. UBB 950352261669
  4. UNSPSC 31161507

Price per 

Package: 2,000
Full Box only
Diameter (d-D) M3
Length (L) (mm) 6
  • Drill ø (H11) = The given boring diameters are guide lines for materials of medium strength.
  • For thin-walled workpieces or workpieces made from soft materials, a smaller core hole diameter, for thick walled workpieces or workpieces made from hard materials a larger core hole diameter may be chosen.
  • It is recommended that the exact diameter selection is made on basis of tests.
  • The depth of engagement should not exceed 2 d.
Driving features Phillips
Head shape Raised cheese head
Material Steel
Surface treatment Zinc plated
Thread Metric thread
  • Warning: electro-galvanizing of these products may cause hydrogen embrittlement.
DIN 7516 AE-H


No. cross recess 1
k 2.4
P 0.50
Drill ø (H11) 2.7
dk 6