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Concrete anchoring screw countersunk type BT Steel Zinc plated 6X75MM

  1. ART NR 70564.060.075
  2. EAN 5054905028121
  3. UBB 500679568674
  4. UNSPSC 31162101
  5. Manufacturer article nr  DFM1420300

Price per 

Package: 50
Full Box only

Blue-Tip Screwbolts Countersunk Blue-Tip screwbolts are one-piece heavy duty concrete screws with ETA option 1 approval Approved for very small edge distances One piece design for easy installation Dust relief thread allows for low installation torque Applications Temporary supports Window and door frame installations Mounting fixtures on walls Fixing wood to concrete and masonry

Diameter (mm) 6
Length (L) (mm) 75
  • d = Nominal diameter of drill bit.
  • Nrec = Recommended load in kN for Non-cracked concrete.
  • s = Width across flats.
  • tfix = Grip range.
Driving features Torx®
Head shape Countersunk head
Material Steel
Surface treatment Zinc plated
Type no. BT
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Diameter (mm) 6
dk 16
Length (L) (mm) 75
Nrec 1.5
Socket T40
tfix 40