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We make our website better for you!

Every two weeks we update and improve our Webshop for you based on your feedback and our own testing. This includes bug-fixes, improvements and new developments. 
After having launched the Webshop the beginning of June we have made it our priority to listen to you through feedback we have received via e-mail, phone and of course the feedback button (button left below).
This sizeable list of changes and improvements can be found below.
Note: we have only included the most significant changes, so in case you have found more improvements, don’t be worried!

Release [19/06/2018 - 02/07/2018]


[Translation Keys] 

  • Translations added to standard texts such as "This field is required"

[Registration Errors – Postal Code Validation] 

  • Registration not possible due to postal code errors. 
  • Checked by help of internal teams

[Checkout Errors - Address not visible]  

  • Address invisible at checkout for certain customers
  • Addressbook has been restored

[Search - # of Relevant Filters] 

  • Backoffice facet disabling not working on first level
  • Number of relevant filters reduced to make search easier. 
  • This process will be made continuous to improve search constantly

[Search – ALP Facets in dropdown] 

  • Search within filters now restored

[Checkout errors] 

  • Error upon clicking Step "header" 
  • Error message: "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS"
  • Resolved

[Language settings] 

  • Browser language overruled by user settings
  • Problem: Locale of URL is ignored, cookie not stored
  • User can now decide on language

[Order fail – Payment Services] 

  • Placing order didn’t always work because of unaligned with payment services.
  • "Failed to process order" message on checkout 
  • Fixed. Happy ordering once more!

[Registration France]  

  • Registration didn’t come through in France because of mandatory VAT field
  • VAT no longer mandatory 

[Track & Trace - Invisible on order details page]  

  • (NL & BE only). 
  • Track and Trace issues resolved because of alignment with provider.


[Search – Better results]  

  • Combining of  sales data from internal database to improve search results 
  • Most relevant products now first in search

[Missing links – Old -> New] 

  • Add redirects for all country pages
  • Missing links as a result of the move from the Old Webshop to the new Webshop resolved. 
  • No more 404 pages

[Search – Relevant Filters] 

  • There are facets which have only one value. These facets should not be visible as possible filters
  • Reduction of unnecessary filters

[Search  - Lower/Upper case] 

  • Search is now indifferent to lower and upper case and provides you with all the right results

[Visual messages] 

  • Based on your feedback all messages along with the right coloring to make it even more comprehensible   

Release [04/06/2018 - 15/06/2018]


[Message – Prices when not logged-in] 

  • Missing prices when you need to login have now been amended so every user knows to login

[Checkout – Delivery address not shown] 

  • Address at checkout not shown for (some) migrated customers
  • Delivery address now fixed. 

[Suggested delivery date adjustment] 

  • Automatic delivery date gave annoyance when orders with multiple products with different delivery dates were create
  • Suggested delivery date is now smarter helping you plan.

[Fastscan – Codes not recognized]

  • For those who use Fastscan
  • Scanning issues have now been fixed.

 [Language settings – Different pages] 

  • On other pages than homepage, changing language didn't refresh page and stayed on old locale 
  • Language issues concerned with changing your language have been fixed

[Cart Page – Quantity button] 

  • Minus button in cart created annoyance when it didn’t work. It has been fixed.  
  • Even if you want to buy less, we are there for you. Of course