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Brady Spill kit SPC-Kits SKH-MINI ADR 4PC

  1. ART NR 0I940710
  2. UBB 500671876380
  3. UNSPSC 46180000
  4. Manufacturer article nr  813868

Price per 

Package: 1

A portable spill kit that comes in a green, disposable dispenser box. Designed for small spills of chemicals and hazardous liquids. Includes an autoclavable disposal bag that is heat resistant up to 145°C and guarantees a safe disposal of laboratory waste. The enclosed disposable brush is specially designed to sweep up any broken glass or debris allowing a safe clean up without risk of injuries. Easy to place in areas where spills are most likely to happen thanks to its compact design. Protective gloves are powder free, have roughened fingertips, increased tear resistance and a good chemical resistance for more safety. A fully disposable spill kit to clean up small chemical spills quickly, easily and without risk of injuries. Contents : 2 pads (41 cm x 51 cm), 1 pair of disposable chemical protective gloves, 1 autoclavable disposal bag, 1 disposable brush and 1 multilingual instruction guide.

Contents: softReturn/2 pads 41 cm x 51 cm, softReturn/1 pair of disposable chemical protective gloves, softReturn/1 autoclavable disposal bag, softReturn/1 disposable brush, softReturn/1 multilingual instruction guide

Color Green
Width (mm) 280
Legend Disposable spill kit, chemical
Industry Beverage processing;Chemical;Food processing;Laboratory;Manufacturing;Maritime;Oil & gas;Process;Warehouse & logistics
Adhesive component Permanent Acrylic
Basic material Laminated Polyester
Capacity (absorption ltr) 7
Content (pcs) 4
Includes 2 pads (40 cm x 50 cm), 1 pair of disposable chemical protective gloves, 1 autoclavable disposal bag, 1 diposable brush, and multilingual instruction guide
Application method Emergency Spill Response
Height (mm) 70
Length (L) (mm) 220
Type SPC-Kits
Weight (g) 1800