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Brady Roll SPC-Chemical Green UN15-DPS-E 38CMX22M

  1. ART NR 4E680071
  2. UBB 500671874716
  3. UNSPSC 46180000
  4. Manufacturer article nr  813846

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Package: 1

A 2-ply, green, medium weight, bonded and double perforated chemical sorbent roll that absorbs chemicals and hazardous liquids. One sided spunbound gives extra strength as well as less lint. Does not degrade or cause a dangerous chemical reaction with the absorbed liquid. Green colour alerts workers that the product is being used for hazardous liquids. Green colour also allows the user to identify and separate hazardous waste for disposal, resulting in lower disposal costs. Perforated down the middle and cross-wise to permit the use of precisely the right amount of material to reduce waste. Perfect for cleaning up chemical spills or for use in laboratories.

Width (mm) 380
Legend ROLL, Medium weight, double perforated & bonded 38 cm x 23 m
Basic material 2-ply, spunbound/meltblown, bonded
Capacity (absorption ltr) 35
Color Green
Content (pcs) 15000
Adhesive component Permanent Acrylic
Perforation - lengthwise (mm) 23
Length (L) (mm) 380
Length (mtr) 22
Weight (g) 3200