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  1. ART NR K0435.000.100
  2. EAN 4008158007151
  3. UBB 240180132682
  4. UNSPSC 31162903
  5. Manufacturer article nr  SG100M

Price per 

Package: 1

Clamping force of up to 35,000 N Increasingly high clamping pressures with larger throat depths and wider openings. These are the daily requirements of the original BESSEY high ­performance clamps. Applications include steel fabrication, welding, shipbuilding and automotive manufacturing as well as heavy timber construction, wood laminations and general carpentry. In other words, wherever sturdy or heavy parts need to be clamped securely and with high clamping pressure. Developed on the basis of the tried-and-tested BESSEY all-steel screw clamp, the original BESSEY high-performance clamps fulfil all requirements with panache... again and again!

Clamping force up to 12,000 N at tightening torque of 40 Nm 20 % more clamping force per spindle rotation with optimised rail profile Maximum safety due to the better linear transfer of force of the sliding arm Long life due to heat-resistant pressure plate with sintered steel insert, which can be tilted up to 35°

Span depth 140
Span width 1000
Type nr. SG100M
  • At an opening of 150mm, clamping pressure of approximately 22,000 N (approximately 2200 kp) is obtained, which equals 80 Nm torque.