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  1. Art nr 6C605282
  2. EAN 7314150351091
  3. UBB 500697005295
  4. UNSPSC 27110000
  5. Manufacturer article nr  1477K6BLACK

The unique one DAAT-system ensures that only one drawer can open at a time; Fully opening drawers with individual shock-protecting corner bumpers; The pivoting latching system; Wheels with dual braking system; Solid steel dual-walled case construction; Ultimate locking system with electronic Access control available; Xpand accessories modular system available; Scratchproof powder coating available in three colours: orange, grey and black

The unique 1DAAT-system prevents the trolley from falling over unexpectedly Individual shock-protecting corner bumpers defend against unexpected collisions The pivoting latching system keep drawers shut automatically even when the trolley moves Safe and secure dual-braking system keeps the trolley solidly on the ground, preventing movement in any direction The dual-walled case ensures that the drawers always open, even if a collision damages the outside wall Ultimate access control with a round master locking system, master key or optional electronic solutions The Xpand Modular system adds accessories using the innovative poles & claw on the top and side perforated panels Replacing the standard composite top with Stainless-Steel, MDF or Chestnut Wood means this product can handle any job The inside and outside of the case and drawers have a scratchproof and anti-rust powder coating The Fit&Go system provides ready to use foam inlays with tools for your drawers

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