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Aluminium Anodized P60

Info The self-locking function of the nut is realized by the elastic, axial displacement of the partly seperated and compressed parts of the nut in relation to each other. The nut runs freely on the bolt until the groove is reached. With further rotation the clamping force on the thread flanks is achieved by the elastic reaction of the material, independant of the torque. Special features of prevailing torque type H100-ESN hexagon nuts:
  • Reversible – the locking slot is placed in the middle of the nut.
  • Re-useable up to 5 times without significant performance loss.
  • Resistant to shocks, vibrations and dynamic loads.
  • Suitable for automatic assembly.
Class P60
Driving features Hexagon
Material Aluminium
Thread direction Right
Surface treatment Anodized
Thread Metric thread
Info Special features of aluminium prevailing torque type H100-ESN hexagon nuts:
  • These nuts are colourless anodized.

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