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  1. ART NR 1D346400
  2. EAN 4042205313079
  3. UBB 500636528332
  4. UNSPSC 31162400
  5. Manufacturer article nr  532746

Advantages . No additional plugs are required for screw installation, thus allowing work to progress quickly and economically. . The small drill bit diameter of 6 mm allows for efficient work, including in the case of series installation. . The continuous thread prevents the window frame from being pulled against the substrate, and ensures a stress.free and long.lasting fixing of the frame. . The optimised special thread reduces the amount of force required for screwing in the screws, meaning that the installation process can be completed without the use of too much force.

Functioning Note the drill hole and screwin depths for the different building materials listed in the table In order to avoid the screw twisting during installation in concrete, the maximum anchorage depths stipulated must be adhered to Cylinder head screws are recommended for recessed installation in wooden profiles Flat head screws are recommended for installation in plastic and aluminium profiles

Content of set 6 x FFS 7.5 x 132, 6 x cover cap white, 6 x cover cap brown
  • Suitable for concrete, solid brick, sand lime solid bricks, perforated bricks, sand lime perforated bricks, hollow blocks, solid pumice, aircrete, natural stone etc.