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3M Chemical spill kit SK 26

  1. Art nr SK263M
  2. EAN 4001895975936
  3. UBB 500614614351
  4. UNSPSC 27113200
  5. Manufacturer article nr  SK26

The 3M™ Hazardous Spill Response Kits help make sure you are ready with everything you need should a spill occur. Cleaning up hazardous chemical spills quickly in an emergency situation. A selection of 3M Chemical Sorbents of varying formats is included, as are cleanup bags.

Ideal for rapid response to chemical spills: fast and effective containment and clean-up Cleaning up hazardous chemical spills, drips, and leaks Suitable for use with most chemicals Promotes safety on the site Easy to dispose off

Width (mm) 400
Capacity (absorption ltr) 26
Height (mm) 40
Model Chemicaliën
Type SK 26
Type nr. SK 26
Length (L) (mm) 630