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Exclusive brands

Fabory offers a variety of exclusive brands, offering products that meet our high quality standards at a very competitive price point. 

MaxxFast: It’s all about screws and the tools to work with them. MaxxFast offers top quality products with innovative features such as the Ttap drive at an affordable price, especially when you consider the quality. Check the MaxxFast homepage.
Condor: Our top brand in the European market for high quality personal protection equipment (PPE). Designed to meet or even exceed stated regulatory safety standards, Condor products are made for industrial use and the price will fit your budget. They come in a wide variety of styles, materials and sizes to meet any personal protection requirement. Visit the Condor homepage for more details.
Westward: Covering everything from industrial hand tools to tool storage, Westward products are engineered to meet the demands of professionals like you. All Westward tools are built to meet or even exceed high-end industry standards. With a Westward hand tool, you have the best combination of quality and value in your hand. Check the Westward homepage to learn more.