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Sicherungsringe extern ASME B18.27 Federstahl UNS G10600/G10900 19/32

  1. ART NR U36000.059.0001
  2. EAN 8712423060081
  3. UBB 500625907604
  4. UNSPSC 31162400

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Packung 50
Nur komplette Verpackung
S (inch) 19/32
Material Federstahl
Material technisch UNS G10600/G10900
  • Warning: electroplating of these products may cause hydrogen embrittlement.
  • During assembly it is essential to not overspread the rings, a maximum spread of 1,01 x S1 is recommended. For proper installation use pliers with spread limiter or assemble the aid of a cone.
ASME B18.27
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Groove G 0.559
Groove W 0.039
Groove Z 0.052
Ring D 0.550
Ring E ≈ 0.076
Ring T 0.035
Size NA1-59
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