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Kugelausgleichsscheiben DIN 6319 C 87197

  1. Art nr 87197AMF
  2. EAN 4020772087197
  3. UBB 500617975494
  4. UNSPSC 31161801
  5. Hersteller Artikel Nr 87197
  • F max = Maximum recommended static load (values do not apply to stainless steel)
  • These spherical washers are often combined with conical seats to DIN 6319-D or DIN 6319-G. The combination enables a swing of approximately 3° in any direction to be attained, when positioning a bolt through.
  • ATTENTION: When these washers are applied in combination with fasteners in class 10.9 or 10, the maximum allowable clamping load is at 46% of the yield strength Rp0,2; for fasteners in class 8.8 or 8 the maximum is at 66% of the yield strength Rp0,2
  • Do not apply conical seats to DIN 6319-D with slotted holes, but use conical seats to DIN 6319-G for this purpose
DIN 6319 C