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Bahco Schaftfräser HSSG-F0618M-S

  1. ART NR 1Z687602
  2. EAN 7311518022693
  3. UBB 500696888071
  4. UNSPSC 31390000
  5. Hersteller Artikel Nr HSSG-F0618M-S

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Packung 1

Rotary burr, HSS; Retail packed; High speed steel burrs are used primarily for machining soft steel, aluminium, bronze, brass, etc; High speed steel burrs are a better choice when optimal machining conditions cannot be maintained or, when the risk of vibration and impact shock are high; Also usable with low cut speeds; Type of cut:M: Medium, for machining unhardened steel and other moderately hard materials under normal conditions; Packaging: Plastic box - Individually packed