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Bahco Sägeblatt 3840-228-8

  1. ART NR 5I306308
  2. EAN 7311518330378
  3. UBB 500697054780
  4. UNSPSC 27110000
  5. Hersteller Artikel Nr 3840-228-8/12-PR13-100P

Preis pro 

Packung 1

The pallet repair blade is developed in close co-operation with pallet repair shops; The unique front design prevents the blade front to get stuck in close by wood beams, when cutting nails in damaged parts of the pallet; By increasing the shank radius we have improved the fatigue strength; 10/14 TPI has proved to be the most popular toothing amongst users in pallet repair shops. This toothing has good material removal rate in wood with nails and high strength to tooth breakage; The packing quantities are 10 or 100 pcs in plastic tubes

Good cutting ability in timber with nails from the high strength toothing Longer wear thanks to the increased radius on the shank Less blade trap when cutting nails from the unique blade design