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Stahlwille Momentové klíče 730N N/20

  1. ART NR G0603.300.020
  2. EAN 4018754139545
  3. UBB 500503929712
  4. UNSPSC 27111715
  5. Výrobní číslo položky 50181020

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Balení: 1

Základní pøístroj se vstupem pro nástrèné nádstavce

Typ drážky Přenosný kufřík
Pohon 14X18
Rozpětí 40-200 NM
  • Torque Wrenches offering quick adjustment, with cut-out, with QuickRelease safety lock (size 5-65) dual signal (size 2-40), dual scale Nm/ft.lb. resp. Nm/inch.lb. (size 5-80), long term accuracy and facility to accept insert/shell tools.
  • The robust steel tube completely encloses all working parts.
  • Even when misused (slackening sized bolts, for example), the measuring element remains stress free.
  • Reversible insert/shell tools allow anticlockwise opertion.
  • Recalibration--without dismantling--with the aid of checking gauges No. 798, No. 799 or No. 7707 W.
  • Guaranteed accuracy ± 4%.
  • With certificate.